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Reviving the Fish Factory

Fish Factory

The new Fish Factory is built on the very grounds of an old fish factory that was destroyed in the early 2000s.  This new community building will house a restaurant, fresh seafood market and raw oyster bar along with public washrooms and outdoor showers for beach-goers.  

FiN Folk Food is a casual restaurant and patio serving comfort food and seafood classics which have become folklore favorites among tourists, foodies and locals alike.
The restaurant features a beachside patio along with a dining area upstairs for unparalleled views of the ocean and grand dunes.

A raw bar and oyster house is planned to open later located on the second floor, where guests will be able to enjoy the finest oysters that local sea farms and wild bays have to offer, adding an unsurpassed experience to the Prince Edward Island dining scene.  

Hotel Rooftop 

The Blackbush Hotel will feature a rooftop open concept kitchen and boutique dining area on its 5th floor.  The dining room is gifted with grand panoramic views of inner Tracadie bay, coastal dunes and ocean during the day, while at night, offer a spectacular views of the stars through the dark skyline from its adjoining outdoor patio.

A main part of the Blackbush project, the new Fish Factory has been built on the spot of a previous fish factory that was destroyed in the early 2000s.  The building’s overall size is about 6,000 square feet, combining contemporary forms with traditional techniques.  The architecture forges a physical connection between community and landscape.  

This community building will house a full-service dining room, a beach takeaway restaurant, and a fresh seafood market, along with public washrooms and outdoor showers for beachgoers.   

FiN Take Away is an easy-going beachside restaurant serving casual seafood classics and some sure-to-be new favorites using local products.  FiN is a seasonal takeaway that will reopen May 21, 2022 and be open every day till October 15, 2022. 

Opening in June 2023, Fluke at the Fish Factory is planned for the second floor.    With a fish forward menu, guests and visitors of Blackbush will be able to enjoy the very best seafood the ocean has to offer.  This restaurant will be open year-round, adding an unsurpassed experience to the Prince Edward Island dining scene.   

Also included in the space will be a Fish Market, a place to purchase Prince Edward Islands fresh and delicious seafood.  Blackbush will be partnering with several local providers to source the best and freshest product. 

The idea is to have 3 to 4 people working here during the winter months and up to 12 people in the summer.  “We’re going to operate it ourselves and try to work with the Community as closely as we can.” said Tim Banks, the developer and CEO of APM.  “I’m hoping we’ll be able to do something in the Grand Tracadie Community that will transpire into a seasonal business to employ youth and people within the area and also try to maintain it in the winter to see that it provides quality products to the local and international markets.” 

A ledger from the "Black Bush Factory", 1890 in Marion Harris collection;  Reference code: Acc3858 - Public Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island

Ledger cover
Cover inside 1
Cover inside 2