The Stages

The Commons

The Homesteads

Our inspiration for The Stages goes back to 1905, when families used to use this area for their seasonal fishing stages in the summer months.  This small community of summer shanties on stilts, served as a place to eat and sleep during the age of sail out on the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  In those days, over 100 villages Island-wide, dotted the map with fish factories.  All gainfully active from communities of neighbours just like those that lived at the Stages.

The Stages is a stunning collection of residential properties.  The Stages Residences are comfortably nestled within a forest of spruce, closely neighboring Prince Edward Island National Park, overlooking the coastal shoreline of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

A stroll down the road will bring residents & families to a coastal boardwalk, local fish market and vast sandy beaches and grand dunes along with numerous hiking trails. 

Having the opportunity to revitalize this historical area and bring it back to its once thriving wharf community, is an honorable gesture and undertaking to extend the legacy of Old Tracadie Harbour.

The community is situated only 30 mins drive from wide selection of renowned golf courses, urban amenities, culinary experiences, and live entertainment.  The Stages at Blackbush is also a mere 18 mins drive to nearby Charlottetown Airport. 

The Stages neighborhood offers a rare opportunity for ownership at one of Atlantic Canada’s premier beach communities.  The lots are being sold with 4 standard home models but for those wishing to join our custom-built home program, it will be provided & offered for an additional fee.

Should you prefer that option, our design team looks forward to discussing your plans and estimating construction costs.  We have worked with many different Island architects over our combined builder experience of over 95 years.  At present, we are focusing on Lots 1 – 30 (of total 42) in an effort to deliver these great additions to our community by the summer of 2022.

As more action takes place here, including the launch of our future development “The Homesteads at Blackbush”, we will be certainly sharing the news and updates.  We look forward to hearing your feedback and answering any questions you may have.

Surrounded by the National Park in the warm waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Blackbush at Old Tracadie Harbour offers a unique long term ownership opportunity, that provides year-round property management on income producing rental properties.  The Commons at Blackbush offers families seasonal living in fractional units, in a safe and relaxing beach Community in Prince Edward Island.  You will be able to take advantage of extended available vacation times at this beautiful historic area, providing you with a significant amount of time in a peaceful destination.

The property will be offering premium service and amenities to provide all comforts for guests on site, as well as rental marketing and year-round property management on income producing rental properties.  A dedicated team from APM Properties will oversee the front-end service provision as well as the back-end business management services, leveraging the company’s long history in providing commercial and residential property management services.

Fractional ownership is a method of purchasing a property that involves individual ownership.  An individual owner can adopt our rental pool program to maximize their usage time as an income property.  A fractional unit gives the owners certain privileges, such as several days or weeks when they can use the property (these periods can be fixed, floating, or a combination of both).  This option makes vacation home ownership much more practical for many people.  The rental pool program is not mandatory, but an owner may wish to hold their fractional unit for personal usage only, or for renting at their own accord, that is entirely their choice.  To further protect your investment, we will not be allowing fractional units to offer Airbnb rentals at The Commons but will be available through the Blackbush Rental Program which offers income back to the property owner.

The Homesteads of Blackbush is located just down the road from The Stages Community, adjacent to Watts Road and National Park area.
The residential properties within the Homesteads will all be built and featured as passive design homes.

A passive house is a voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building, which reduces the building’s ecological footprint.
It results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling. 

Living in a passive house means living in a space that is naturally warmer, healthier and more comfortable. This comfort inside
your home is unmatched because of the way energy efficiency solutions are integrated into the architectural design.

Blackbush Overall Plan

Blackbush at Old Tracadie Harbour provides owners and guests with premium hospitality in one of North America’s premier beach destinations. 

This safe island community is looking to welcome new families and members who are like minded in how they value ecological, environmental and sustainable living.  The residential development will endeavor to preserve and enhance this coastal wildlife sanctuary.

Living at Blackbush is for those who want to be immersed in the experience of living alongside a majestic seaside landscape and to be a steward in preserving it for future generations.  This is a place that slows down enough to listen to the soft roar of the ocean waves or enjoy the calming sounds of local wildlife at dawn. 

A unique community feature, The Stages offers an extensive trail system which will connect all homes to the resort, forest and coastal beach areas, making recreational retreats and everyday living almost seamless. 

The real attraction here is a balanced lifestyle.  Residents here can enjoy a relaxed pace of life while also having urban amenities and attractions nearby, with airport, live theatre, music, casino, art galleries, shopping and restaurants. 

With much excitement, we are thrilled to unveil our residential ownership opportunity with 42 lots in “The Stages at Blackbush” which is a collection of year round properties.  The second development is an eco-friendly Community featuring 27 lots will be found just down the road at
The Homesteads at Blackbush”.

Blackbush Resort will also offer fractional condo ownership opportunities with its premiere lodging called “The Commons at Blackbush”.