The Commons

FRACTIONAL  UNITS, Site Plan, Floor Plans, Design Scheme

The Commons at Blackbush are a series of modern beach cottages that are strategically located near the Blackbush hotel; access to the hotel amenities can be reached via walking trail. All the vacation units will have unobstructed views of the grand dunes and ocean and a convenient walk to FiN Restaurant or Tracadie Beach. The Commons Development won’t be made available to the public until after its been offered through the Hotel and Resort as vacation rentals (hotel rental units expected for first 5 years ) then after that time period, the tentative plan is to offer those vacation rental units into the open market for sale, as a fractional ownership product. It is a great opportunity for those looking for a vacation home that is privately managed by Blackbush’s rental program.  This turn-key solution makes vacationing easy and earning income while you aren’t there even easier. The Commons at Blackbush offers families seasonal living through fractional ownership. These income producing properties will be offering premium services and amenities to provide all comforts for owners and guests on site, as well as rental marketing and year-round property management. A dedicated team will oversee the front-end service provision as well as the back-end business management services. Fractional ownership is a method of purchasing a property that involves individual ownership. An individual owner can adopt into the Blackbush rental pool program to maximize their usage time as an income property. A fractional unit gives the owners certain privileges, such as blocked off weeks when they can use the property, gifting stays to family members, as well as generating rental income when resort unit is not being used for personal stays. This option makes vacation home ownership much more practical for many people. The rental pool program is not mandatory, but an owner may wish to hold their fractional unit for personal usage only, or for renting at their own accord, that is entirely their choice.