Blackbush Design & Eco-Development Integration

The resort is based on sustainable operation values to ensure minimum impact on the surrounding environment.  Our plan is to employ people from the nearby area and use local products and goods (art, homewares, woodwork, toiletries, pottery) to all the buildings onsite as a way to bring economic benefits back to our regional communities.

The main idea when we first started to consider building the hotel was to create a comfortable base at Old Tracadie Harbour, giving guests the option of a comfortable stay in a natural area, close to our local fishing village.  We’re building a simple but unique hotel with a gentle footprint.

The hotel will ultimately be built by sourcing local materials that are indigenous to the area, while also using carbon neutral materials where possible.  Using local land, timber and hands throughout the development is critically important.

Sustainable Living and Blackbush Community

This safe island community is looking to welcome new families and members who are like minded in how they value ecological, environmental and sustainable living.  The residential development will endeavor to preserve and enhance this coastal wildlife sanctuary.  Lot covenants for homeowners will help foster and stress the importance of respecting local lands, materials, waste and even building footprints.

Living at Blackbush, residents can expect continuity throughout the community by showcasing and integrating green-home design.  Everything, ranging from passive home builds, solar energy, septic treatment, low flow faucets and the use of surface water retention
dikes throughout all the roadways are just some of the eco-designs that will be incorporated. 

Keeping freshwater and allowing it to be absorbed into our water tables is vital; rather than letting it flow wastefully out into the salt water oceans.  All the roads throughout the development will feature gravel surfaces and even the driveways of all the homes will utilize permeable grade materials to allow for melt and rainwater absorption.  Read more.

The residents of the The Stages will be offered a unique community feature; an extensive trail system which will connect all homes to the resort, national park forest and coastal beach areas, making recreational retreats and everyday living almost seamless.  Conservation of the surrounding wildlife and habitat will be fundamentally important for this area to thrive and coexist.