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Summer can be hot but is rarely humid due to the persistent south/ southwesterly breeze and moderating effects of the ocean.  Some of the Island’s most exceptional weather happens in late summer and early fall when the ocean is still warm and the summer haze gives way to gorgeous clear days and refreshing nights.  Known for its amazing beaches, fresh seafood, delicious potatoes, Prince Edward Island is a lovely summer getaway for a trip with friends.

Main experiences for Summer:


Autumn temperatures range between 8 and 22 degrees Celsius (46 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit).  The mornings are cooler than in summer, but the afternoons are still warm.  The Island takes on a whole new beauty as the leaves change color to breathtaking shades of orange, red, and yellow.  It all happens quite slowly until one day, the color peaks and the horizon takes on a brilliant glow of electric color.  Fall temperatures often linger into late November.

Main experiences for Fall:


Spring in Prince Edward Island is a sign of warming temperatures, more times spent outdoors and the scent of flowers blooming on the soft breeze.  Early spring is cool and temperatures begin to climb through May as the ocean and ground warm from the sun.  Through May and June the spring flowers emerge and bright green color blankets the trees and rolling fields as new leaves and grasses grow.  Hot days are rare but do happen.

Main experience for Spring:


Winter on PEI is temperate by comparison to the rest of Canada.  During the winter, PEI receives an average total yearly snowfall of 290 centimeters (114 inches).  Temperatures range between -3 to -11 degrees Celsius (26 to 11 degrees Fahrenheit), but cold winds can make it feel more like it is -25 degrees Celsius (-13 degrees Fahrenheit).  Snow usually arrives in November and lasts through April.  When the snow falls, new adventures begin.

Main experience for Winter: