The Hotel Acadia will consist of 30 stylish units built from local timber and materials that are indigenous to the area.  Local artists and makers products will also be featured throughout the property to support regional commerce.  All hotel units will have its own spacious view overlooking an expansive vista of our beautiful bay with open and natural sand dune (Blackbush Island).  Having an opportunity to showcase the parabolic dunes and pristine national park further highlight the importance of preserving these areas for wildlife as critical habitats.


We believe that both the environment and local community will benefit from our business.  Rather than making a token donation here, or planting a couple of trees there, we’re committed to producing real sustainable benefits for the long term.  We are partnering with a number of island businesses from experience guides to outfitters to makers to manufacturers in order to encourage local commerce and create employment opportunities.

We are also engaging and choosing whom we partner with in terms of having similar philosophies and perspectives of renewable and sustainable products. Thinking about packaging, design, functionality, waste, all things that will impact downstream ecosystems and its impact on our environment.  These types of engagements and strategic relationships will help foster the right atmosphere for this operation to be meaningful and have impact. 


Our bottle return/recycle program on the resort will ensure the collection and downstream proceeds from those returns will be fully donation towards the Nature Conservatory of Canada.  This will be an ongoing donation and investment we want to endure to keep our lands protected for future generations.