Insights Podcast with Tim Banks – on Blackbush Beach Resort Investment

Tim Banks, CEO of APM MacLean, shares his vision of his $60 million Blackbush Beach Resort development in Grand Tracadie, PEI

The Insights podcast combines the experiences of an economist, David Campbell, and a social scientist, Don Mills, to explore the challenges and opportunities facing Atlantic Canada, promote data-driven decision-making among policymakers, and encourage a wider dialogue and debate leading to greater prosperity for the region.

Robert Simmons’s Magazine Article

The new Nirvana on Prince Edward Island a 21st century residential gym, blackbush is rising up from the sands of time. Words by Wayne Blanchard – Robert Simmons’s Magazine.

Some new Blackbush resort spaces start opening to public

Despite delays created by the pandemic, some parts of the Blackbush resort at Grand Tracadie, on P.E.I.’s North Shore, are now open to the public.

The resort, when completed, will include a hotel, cottages, fish market and restaurant, and a residential subdivision. Much of the infrastructure for public access to the beach is already completed.

Changed from pavement to crushed gravel

Back in 2020 to further enhance our guiding principles for sustainability, we willingly removed our asphalt surfaces from our gate right down to where the pavement ends at our cottages. This is all a part of allowing fresh rain water to permeate into our water tables and not runoff into the Tracadie Bay. This coincides with our efforts to reroute our ditches to our wetlands so that our ground water is saved.

Working with a Great Waste Treatment Company

Island Water Technology has been johnny-on-the-spot with the development of new systems that take care of waste water at your home or in remote communities where that system can function on solar power.

Blackbush Announces New Resort Operations Manager

Wendy Munro – Resort Operations Manager

At Blackbush we are pleased to announce Wendy Munro as our Resort Manager.  Wendy will oversee operations of our newly proposed eco-lodge and resort property.

Welcome Pat!

Blackbush Announces Director of Construction

Pat Sheehan – Master Carpenter
The Blackbush Eco-Lodge and our Blackbush Community are pleased to announce Pat Sheehan as our Director of Construction. Pat will oversee construction and the other building trades of our eco-lodge, family homes and our all-season fractional units.

Nature Stories: Tim Banks

Tim Banks, the CEO of APM Group, appears in “Nature Stories,” a media campaign by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, read more…

Reviving The Fish Factory

Residents of the Grand Tracadie area will get a renewed version of the past as construction on a well known fish processing facility resumed last week.  READ MORE…