Coastal Flooding and Erosion on Infrastructure and Properties

The Province of Prince Edward Island commissioned a federal study that shaped our “50 Year” dyke storm surge protection program at Blackbush.  Here’s a link to the full study. 

An excerpt from the study:

The Tracadie Harbour Case Study was primarily focused on the fisheries and aquaculture industries infrastructure, but also included transportation infrastructure and private properties within the immediate area of the Harbour.  Harbour assets and infrastructure were found to be particularly vulnerable to the impacts of sea level rise and storm surge events, and the access road to the Harbour will be susceptible to ongoing erosion if adaptation measures are not taken.

Steps we are taking to ensure our property is sustainable:

We have designed a dyke system as recommended by the study, and we have raised all our roads, buildings and infrastructures to above the required datum for a 50 year storm surge.  See our plan approved by P.E.I. Department of Environment: Click here.